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Wednesday — November 21st, 2018

Dressed For Success – Page 180

And here we are.

This is a reminder that this is the last of our current 20 page block. Think of it like a single issue of a comic in an ongoing story. The next 20 pages begin in January. And remember, over on our snazzy new Patreon page if you are a Alex level patron you can get the whole block of 20 all at once in a number of handy formats. For everyone else, we will continue the weekly new pages, Mondays for Whalen Dave level patrons, Wednesdays for everyone else here and over on Patreon.

Why do we do this?

As we said way back, we found when we were just doing a constant weekly page that it was difficult to do things like take a vacation or get sick without messing up the production cycle. This way, we have a built in buffer area for any needs. Plus, it’s a bit like the old mini-comic days, where we would publish 20 page issues in paper format.

In the meantime, we will continue to post on Facebook, (maybe even twitter!) and have all the other rewards and see what sorts of other fun things we can come up with to share with you over on Patreon. (Yes, we may have mentioned it, apparently, this is called promoting.) And of course, behind the scenes, we are hard at work on the next part of the story.


See you in January.


One Down, Many More to Go

So the first new Dressed for Success comic page has been penciled and inked and is ready for the colouring phase. It feels good to be over that initial hurdle of getting back into things.  It is still early days with Manga Studio but I am seeing how it will be able to speed up my work flow.

Now back to work on the next chapter of 20 pages so that we can start posting them online for you to read as soon as possible.  But for now here is a preview of the inks on page 161.

– Jeff


Operation Plan

Hello again!  After nearly a year without a new Dressed for Success comic page we wanted to spread the news. Work is being done on picking things up where we left off and continuing on telling the story of our intrepid heroes Alex and Walter.

As had been mentioned previously, I found myself in a situation where I needed to focus my energies on other things and couldn’t continue with the ongoing production schedule of a weekly webcomic.  After some time, things have settled down and the ability to move forward with the comic series has presented itself.

After some discussion, it was determined that trying to move on with the weekly schedule that had been maintained for a few years wasn’t necessarily going to work.  At least not without the potential for some page release hiccups or creator burn outs along the way. After all, we are doing the comic in our spare time around full-time jobs and juggling various family commitments throughout the year. So it can be a challenge at times.

With this realization it has been decided to adjust the production and release schedule in such a way where we will post 2 blocks of story pages throughout the year, with short breaks in between. Here is how it will break down:

Over the course of a year we will release a block (or chapter) of 20 pages, one page a week.  Followed by a 6 week break.  Then continuing on with another section of 20 pages and another 6 week break.

So we would be looking at producing 40 pages of comic story over the course of a year instead of 52. We feel this is a reasonable compromise which allows ourselves to create a decent amount of pages overall while giving us a bit of a break along the way.

As I am producing new pages I am doing so using the program Manga Studio, which will hopefully help increase my speed at drawing pages as well.

Right now we are in the early days of ramping up production on new pages and as of yet don’t have a firm date on when new comic pages will start being posted again. We are hoping sooner rather than later.  In the meantime, let us know what you think of our plans and continue to watch this space for further updates on this topic and other things related to Dressed for Success.

– Jeff

Rough notes

Just a few updates.

The original artwork from the 1993 Mega Con Jam that was on auction went for about $170. Not huge, but I hope whoever bought it enjoys the piece. I’d love to hear from them.

The Comic Creators For Freedom fundraiser starts December 2 and runs through the 14th. Young Alex was featured on their Facebook page the other day. Please consider making any size donation you can.


I’m still working on my next fairy tale, doing some sketches for the settings and considering trying out Sketchup to give me some better camera angles to play with. I really do want to do all the preliminary work this time, but I’m also getting antsy, so I started doing page roughs and dropping in my text. My hope is to have the whole story thumb nailed and be comfortable with all the design work and then be able to go straight into finished pages. No fair trying to read ahead.

And don’t forget to come check us out over at Tapastic.