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Rough notes
Wednesday — November 27th, 2013

Rough notes

Just a few updates.

The original artwork from the 1993 Mega Con Jam that was on auction went for about $170. Not huge, but I hope whoever bought it enjoys the piece. I’d love to hear from them.

The Comic Creators For Freedom fundraiser starts December 2 and runs through the 14th. Young Alex was featured on their Facebook page the other day. Please consider making any size donation you can.


I’m still working on my next fairy tale, doing some sketches for the settings and considering trying out Sketchup to give me some better camera angles to play with. I really do want to do all the preliminary work this time, but I’m also getting antsy, so I started doing page roughs and dropping in my text. My hope is to have the whole story thumb nailed and be comfortable with all the design work and then be able to go straight into finished pages. No fair trying to read ahead.

And don’t forget to come check us out over at Tapastic.

               It Came From Within!

Squirrels and School pictures

Hey folks, bit of an update for you. So for the second year we are participating in the Comic Creators for Freedom fundraiser.  This year’s theme is school pictures, and you can see our entry above. The CCFF goal is to end child trafficking and exploitation. Any size donation is greatly appreciated.

The other thing of note about Alex’s school portrait is that it’s Jeff’s first piece done completely digital.

I’ve been working on designs for my next Bertram’s Tale, drawing squirrels, bears and bridges. I had this crazy idea that I’d actually figure out what I was going to draw before I jumped into pages. As pleased as I was with my first outing on Lazy Jack, I’m really looking forward to having done prep work before starting this time. I’ll be moving Bertram’s Tales over to Tapastic, as well as running the original DFS stories there as well.

Hopefully, we’ll have more news shortly.

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