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Dressed For Success – page 76

April 13th, 2011

Dressed For Success – page 76

Y’know, I’m starting to think she’s not very nice.

So this past weekend we attended Ad Astra, a science fiction con celebrating it’s 30th year. We wanted to try some different events this year and see what happens. Overall? enh…

While we didn’t sell a lot of stuff, we did meet a lot of people, most rewarding being folks who either knew our work from years ago or those who’ve stumbled across us online. Your enthusiasm is truly appreciated. When next our paths cross, we should have some next material available.

TaraOne of the other highlights was spending the weekend with our old friend Tara Tallen of Galaxion. We don’t get to spend much time with her and it was really great to hang out, joke, swap old stories and new ideas and to reignite the collaborative spirit of our heyday. Tara details a special moment of the weekend on her own write up of the weekend. Here’s hoping Robert doesn’t lose his bookmark. ;)

Also nearby were the guys of Freelance Blues. Ian and Mike remind us of us years ago. Doing their own thing, creating their work and hustling it out there. In fact, they divided forces over the weekend to allow one of the pair to attend the concurrent Fan Appreciation Con as well. I’ve been aware of them for a while, and marveled at some of their chutzpah, but it was good to finally interact with them.

We also got to trade jests with old acquaintance Michael Rowe, a writer we knew back in high school that we ended up turning into the central character of issue 9&10 of the print DFS.

Our next outing will be a visit to the Toronto Comic Art Festival. We won’t have a table, but we’ll be floating about.

Updated: Check out a gallery of sketches we did during Ad Astra.


Last order of business? A little contest.

Head on over to our Facebook page and leave a comment on this weeks page. Then I’ll randomly select one person next Wednesday to receive my copy of the Fletch movie tie in novel. It’s the original Gregory McDonald novel but with the movie cover. After the previous discussions about Fletch, I hope to help at least one person discover these books.



  1. Marrock

    Hmmm, it seems to me the whole contest thing really isn’t fair to those of us that refuse to deal with crap like facebook.

  2. Jeff

    You mean everybody doesn’t use Facebook Marrock!?! :)

    Actually I’m not much of a Facebook user either. Contest fail? If the general consensus is to keep this sort of thing within the main site then we’ll have to keep that under consideration.

  3. Chris

    Huh. I had written a response to you Marrock but it seems to have gotten lost. What can I say, you try something and see if it works. The contest was a way of giving something back to people who involved themselves with DFS. I had hoped to get some participation on Facebook this week, then try things like Twitter, Reddit etc. Not everyone will be using every one of those things, but if you did, and you chose to participate, then you could get a prize.
    As Jeff points out, it may not have panned out. As such, like the big lotto’s, we re-set for the following week and the pot gets larger.
    But I’d still like to see people try to give us a nudge on the social media stuff.

  4. Marrock

    Hey, it’s cool, I’m not faulting anyone for trying to get their stuff out there for people to see and I’d be the last to complain about any contests you want to have since you guys already sent me some kickass swag for no real reason…

    Speaking of which, the sketch got itself framed and is out where everyone can see it, my girlfriend says it’s great likeness except you forgot my beard… she’s healing up nicely now.

    I just don’t like facebook for a myriad of reasons, foremost among them is I really don’t want my personal info in the hands of a douchebag like the one that “owns” *coughstolecough* that whole MyFaceSpaceBook thing.

    And I only have a twitter account so I can follow mooks like you guys, the interwebz has made the whole “stalking” thing infinitely easier, especially since no one bothers to keep anything to themselves anymore, but beyond that I, personally, just have no need for them so I have no accounts with them…

    I mean, seriously, why in the nine hells would anyone care what I had for breakfast or what color socks I’m wearing, I haven’t even made anything like a blog post in months, too many people are confusing minutiae for intelligence while drowning in the former and starving the latter.

    And yes, I know I’m ranting but it’s still early for me and the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, I’m only on my second quart. *hoists the florescent green mug of doom*

    Also, seriously, how could I get in the way of folks with such excellent taste in movies wanting to share the Fletch love?

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