Dressed For Success – Page 116

February 22nd, 2012

Dressed For Success – Page 116

And that’s a wrap. No really, that’s the end of Mississauga Jay and the Lost Shrine of the Osars. Next week is the start of the next story. It starts right after this story, (well okay, we actually jump back a minute or two first, but you get the idea). There will be a six page epilogue included in the print trade paperback of the story that will show what befalls Jay, Celeste and Irwin. But as far as Alex and Walter go, they are out and about to begin a whole different adventure. One that actually goes back to their early adventures.

As to the Mississauga Jay book, we’re currently burning all our candles in a big bonfire trying to get it and the second collection of the orignal DFS black and white stories ready to go to print in April. Combined with the weekly pages and the six page epilogue and, y’know life, it’s proving to be a lot. So once we have them available, make sure you order copies for your entire family.

Until then, if you’ve been following along or just stumbled onto DFS recently, the next best thing you could do to say thanks if you’ve enjoyed our story is LIKE us on Facebook, CIRCLE us on Google+, subscribe via RSS or follow us on Twitter. This way you’ll keep informed on what we’re up to. You could also really help out by following us over at inkOutbreak and giving us a thumbs up. Or do the same over at Reddit where each weeks page is posted in the webcomics section. Every like, re-tweet, thumbs up or share is huge for a growing comic like ours. Think about how you discovered DFS and then think about introducing someone else.

Okay, we’ll see you back here next week for the beginning of our next story. What is it you ask? Well, there are hints and clues, the biggest being the teaser posters we did way back before starting the Mississauga Jay story. Go look. Then go get caught up on your early DFS stories and by then it should be next Wednesday.

Thanks everybody!


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