Dressed For Success – Page 124

April 18th, 2012

Dressed For Success – Page 124

Cause what major figure in organized crime doesn’t love surprises?

Speaking of Eddy the Lump, over at Dressed For Success Retro, we’re starting the double sized Issue 12 this week, featuring another of Eddy’s attempts to deal with Alex and Walter.

As for us this past week, Jeff went to the wrap party for TDot Comics, Quintessential Comics and had a nice chat on camera. Chris meanwhile attended the Toronto Wizard convention as a representative of the comic book daily website to discover some new webcomics for his walkabouts. It was also a good opportunity to scout the show out for a potential future Egestappearance. (I can’t believe we used to call it that) As it is now, much like the Fan Expo show we did last fall, it’s a real hodge podge of fandom, with a small percentage of artists alley being webcomics type creators. Not likely something we would do unless the show changes.

Next up is the Toronto Comic Art Festival. We were on the waiting list, but the demand for space obviously was too high. But we’ll be attending as readers and enthusiasts.

How’s things in your world?


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  1. Custom avatar Lazy J

    oh dear what have those two gotten themselves into this time LOL

    heh happy birthday too rights guys too rights!

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