The Story So Far

Alex Corbett and Walter Andrewkowski, two guys thrown together by chance, now making their way in a crazy universe one adventure at a time. All the while trying to stay one step ahead of the mafia and with the hopes of turning a profit.

Black and White Small Press Comics

The Dirty Baker’s Dozen

After meeting up at the Plazar spaceport, Alex and Walter go from the frying pan and into the fire as they escape from the mafia but end up stranded on a desert planet mixed up in an age old conflict they having nothing to do with. Stealing a small spacecraft the pair get some quiet time to get acquainted, only to be interrupted by their pasts. What to do? Go shopping of course! And then settle in to nice average jobs. Those last all of three days before they walk out and walk into the lab of a mad scientist. Time travel and a giant killer android lead them back to their first meeting and a dreadful end. After that, it’s the meaning of life and breath mints. Read it online. Get the book!

Get Me OFF This Crappy Planet!

Contemplating your own death can really weird you out, and make you hungry. So grab a bucket of chicken and head on home for a rest. That’s what Alex and Walter do. But Walter’s young neighbour is waiting, and some Mob enforcers come for a visit. When you can’t go home again, it’s time to start a new life, as someone else. Alex and Walter become Ray and Nick then once again seek passage off-world. But once you set foot in the underworld and deal with scum and villainy, nothing is ever smooth and easy. Bar fights and hasty bargains lead our heroes to a desperate space chase. Which shows, you can get what you asked for, but at what price?

Full Colour on the Interwebs

Of course it’s not the end for our hapless duo. And what happens next for Alex and Walter is what you’re here to find out.

Mississauga Jay and the Lost Shrine of the Osars

Alex and Walter have taken jobs as couriers at the far edge of known space. It is supposed to be a quiet, normal job. Till a package takes them to an archeological dig and a brand new adventure.  Start Here!

Ghosts of Hunters Past (Ongoing)

Alex and Walter wash up on shore and come face to face with their past. It begins here.